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Tokenized Real Estate

Secure option to diversify and store your digital wealth







Launch on-hold until SEC regulation clarification


Enable digital currency owners to invest in Real Estate and generate income.

The FUTURE of Real Estate Investing is here. Tokens are backed by real properties held transparently in trust, capitalizing on digital currency growth and hedges against volatility and inflation risk.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary of our project and expected results.

Project Prospectus

Project Prospectus for the sophisticated international real estate investors.



Instead of holding a big amount of digital currencies, now you can safely hedge against volatility by investing in a portfolio of real estate properties.


Actual ownership of the real estate is held by registered company placing titles in a trust, ensuring transparent chain of ownership and payout coded in the smart contract.


Token holders receives semi-annual distribution from income generated - coded in the smart contract using Ethereum assets and blockchain for payout.


Unlike most digital currencies, SKYE token is backed by a real estate portfolio, a tangible asset and one of the best hedges against volatility and inflation.


SKYE Self Directed
Foreign REI
Propy Real Evareium
Exposure to USA markets
Day One income producing portfolio
Easy entry to participate
Periodic income distribution
Clear achievable targets
Simple and low fees
Leverage existing system
Proven track record

How It Works

Invest in US real estate and earn semi annual income payments.

Skye Properties are investing in a mixture of US residential real estate properties and is looking for short to long term returns on investment, starting with a diverse mix of residential properties portfolio, expanding the portfolio further with student, single and multi families rentals as well as fix and flips.

Using SKYE tokens (an Ethereum ERC-20 standard), digital currency holders will have a secure option to diversify and store their digital wealth, with tokens that are backed by real properties held transparently in trust, capitalizing on digital currency growth and hedges against volatility and inflation risk. SKYE tokens allow you to invest in real estate and earn rental income.

Token Sale Terms

SKYE tokens allow you to invest in real estate and earn rental income

Skye Token Supply & Distribution
  • 6,000,000 tokens in circulation
    • 80% (4,800,000) available in pre-sale and general sale
    • 20% (1,200,000) allocated to Skye Properties
  • Price per token: 1 SKYE = 0.04 ETH
  • SKYE tokens are Ethereum ERC-20 compliant
  • Purchase methods accepted: ETH or fiat (contact us)

Funding Allocation

SKYE Token Distribution

Pre-Sale Terms

Minimum purchase:
+5 ETH
Pre-Sale only bonus:
Soft cap:
60,000 ETH

General Sale Terms

Minimum purchase:
+2 ETH
Launch minimum:
20,000 ETH
Hidden hard cap:
Will be revealed before General Sale starts

General Sale Bonuses

   +5 ETH   plus    3% bonus
+10 ETH   plus    6% bonus
+15 ETH   plus   12% bonus
+20 ETH   plus   18% bonus

Key Dates

Pre-Sale Start Date set for early 2018




Skye Properties is tokenizing US real estate properties and providing regular income from rentals plus fix & flips for digital currency investors, allowing US accredited and international investors to participate.

Skye Properties is offering a blind pool, closed-end digital currency offering to invest in an existing mix of a growing US real estate property portfolio, producing regular income in Ether (USD equivalent) from rental income and fix & flip profits. Skye Properties expects to create wealth for our clients by renewing and repositioning the residential real estate through a value-add strategy and forced appreciation. Through the Skye Properties platform clients will receive regular updates and news as well as been able to track property performance and financial reporting.

The FUTURE of Real Estate Investing is here. SKYE tokens enables digital currency owners to invest directly in Real Estate, backed by real properties held transparently in a trust, capitalizing on Bitcoin and hedges against volatility risk. Allows you to diversify and safely store your digital currencies.

Allow you to cash in on your digital currency wealth, diversify into real estate asset class and hedge against volatility and inflation.

  1. Raise a blind pool, closed-end investment from Ether to invest in real estate
  2. Distribute income to token holders in Ether (USD equivalent)
  3. Create a channel for digital currency owners to diversify into real estate asset class

Our target market includes international investors and digital currencies / Ethereum fans. Any individual who wants to be a part of a growing real estate opportunity is welcome (fiat / cash clients should contact us directly).

For those who reside outside the US experience a number of barriers to purchase properties in the country, making it difficult for individuals to enter the US real estate market. We shatter those barriers through our unique investment process.

We offer the chance to participate in real estate rent sharing. Think of it as a similar service to Airbnb and Uber. Anyone can take advantage of the potential growth the real estate market offers.

For the first time digital currency investors will have the opportunity (using Skye Properties) to invest in an existing and growing US real estate property portfolio, and on top receive regular rental income through a blind pool, closed-end digital currency offering!

  1. During the pre-sale of the SKYE token investors will be able to receive a 20% bonus
  2. The general public sale will give buyers an option of 5% (+50 ETH), 10% (100 ETH) and 15% (+200 ETH) bonuses

As with any investment there are risks involved and not suitable for everyone. Please read the documentation made available and ask questions. The Skye Properties core team has over 50 years of combined experience in technology, finance and the real estate industry in owning and operating affordable conventional residential properties. We believe this unique offering is the first in the market to provide wealthy digital currency owners the means to invest in a stable real world opportunity that provides regular income.

Skye Properties Foundation is a registered private foundation based in Panama. Tokens are issued by Skye Properties Foundation. Proceeds raised will be used to invest in a US based real estate partnership that complies with US Securities Act under Regulation S. Proceeds will be passed back to Skye Properties Foundation to be distributed to token owners.

The project is kicked off by 2 partners based in the US currently engaged in assignments with several large investment banks. We have extensive real estate investment, technology and process improvement background. The partners are supported by a team of legal advisers, a comptroller, several block chain developers and several investment banker, The legal team has advised to disclose team profile until we have met the soft cap during the sales event.

You don't have too! But seriously, we offer a unique service that no one else does. The whole process is managed by a team that has a proven and verifiable real estate portfolio, with the knowledge and ability to provide a tokenized real estate participation service.